the oscars 2015, or patricia’s speech, or the modern witch-hunt

If you didn’t have a chance to watch the live broadcast of the Oscars yesterday because you were, say, at work during the hours of 9-5 and didn’t have time to check twitter on your phone under the desk every five minutes, then you may still be catching up on all the huge news. Such as hilarious mispronounced-name gags and mortified ladies wearing identical outfits. You know, world-changing stuff.

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cate blanchett: a woman’s woman

In this modern age of open-mindedness, equality and freedom for all (cough), you would think that the ‘feminist movement’, that nasty concept with hairy-armpit connotations, should be well and truly behind us. It isn’t, of course. And it’s not just in the Middle East where having a vagina makes you a second-rate person, it’s sadly still a mindset that women the world over must tackle on a daily basis as they get sidelined in work promotions, condemned for choosing career over family, or leered at for wearing high heels. Yes, even after Hermione Grainger’s stirring UN address, the problem of gender discrimination persists.

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