“Everything you can imagine is real.”
– Pablo Picasso

So here’s the mush at the core. And I know you feel the truth when I say I believe good art can change the world.

I’m sure we’d all agree the world needs changing. So what will it take?

Art that becomes a mirror. Art that is authentic, dynamic, articulate, even in the mess. That challenges us not to flinch from ourselves – to examine, interrogate, establish, and also to change. To convict us to be certain and also to question, to be unique while being alike, to look backwards and forwards so we can understand our present.

Imagine a world like this, a people released and free. No room for envy, doubt or fear. No tantrums, abuses and divides. No violence, terror and disregard. All the hate gone, erased by the fundamental desire to live and let live.

Imagine it. Now can you see it? What we imagine, we can see. What we see, we can create.

This is the function of art – to imagine a world alive and unafraid, then expose the raw materials until we are moved to change. Until we are that world there is work to be done. This is my small part.


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